Hi, I'm Becky, and this is my BROOD! 

I started this journey just randomly sharing the stuff that nobody talks about (and the stuff I couldn't find resources for) only to discover a real passion for helping other moms through their breastfeeding journey and beyond.  

I'm an NP and specialize in pediatrics and lactation but my real special sauce is twin breastfeeding and pumping.

Also I keep it real; life with kids can be hard and messy and I'll never sugar coat it.

We are in in this craziness together. Let's crush it. 

Feeling too overwhelmed by the thought of breastfeeding twins? 


Let's turn that fear into confidence: I've got you covered with every twin feeding concern you could imagine.

This course will provide you with the knowledge, mindset, skills, and guidance needed to get you off to the best start with breastfeeding your twins. 

Twin Breastfeeding Academy Course Creator  

Hey there! I’m Becky Bernstein and I’m a Twin Breastfeeding Specialist, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Lactation Consultant, and sleep consultant. I’ve got your babies and your boobs covered.  

I have 4 kiddos (all from fertility treatments and my last 2 were twins, SURPRISE!). I knew I wanted to breastfeed my twins but I didn’t know if it was possible. I legitimately googled “Can you breastfeed twins?” I did tons and tons of research when I was pregnant (I’m the most laid back Type A person you’ll meet !) and found there is a definite lack of reliable twin breastfeeding and pumping information out there.  

I don’t want other twin moms to have to deal with not being prepared or trying to sift through a bunch of information that may not even be helpful. So, I became a CLC, Certified Lactation Counselor, and IBCLC, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I’ve combined that professional knowledge with my personal experience and created the Twin Breastfeeding Academy and Pumping Professional to serve as an amazing resource for expecting twin parents.  

Random facts about me: I’m a triathlete, wine connoisseur, and True Crime TV addict (probably the most bizarre combination of things but hey, that’s me!). I truly love helping people by sharing my knowledge and experience with other parents. Parenting is HARD. Twin parenting is another level. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone and I’m here for you to help you on your journey!  


This checklist is the first step to building confidence and getting prepared to breastfeed twins by giving you a clearly defined list of EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED and some pro-tips for why you need them.