How to bring home the milk and the bacon

Pumping professional is an on-demand digital course with video tutorials, printables, and tons of support to make your transition back to work as smooth as possible so you can continue to breastfeed your baby and keep your milk supply up while you're at work.

It's an invaluable resource that consists of 7 modules (18 videos) and a 26 page course download of LIQUID GOLD including checklists, cheat sheets, guides, care sheets, sample work pumping schedules, pumping door signs, and more!

Going back to work after maternity leave can be overwhelming, especially if you're breastfeeding. You may have no idea where to start:

I've got your back to help work through and answer all of these questions. You'll go back to work breastfeeding with confidence!

Hi! I'm Becky

I'm a Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Nurse Practitioner. I have been pumping at work over the past 8 years and I have worked with hundreds of moms that have gone back to work to continue their breastfeeding journey.

I wish I would have had a guide like this when I was going back to work because I had no idea what I was doing and I was so anxious about everything: How would I continue breastfeeding, how do i pump at work, how do i make this work with my schedule? And SO MANY MORE QUESTIONS!

I made this resource for working moms who want to continue their breastfeeding journey. This also includes exclusive pumpers, combo feeders, and everyone in between! It's all about preparation and being type A myself, I HAVE GOT YOU COVERED to make this the easiest transition back to work.


  • Don't know where or WHEN to begin with pumping for work? 
  • Don't know how to start a freezer stash?
  • Worried about baby taking a bottle?
  • Anxiety about a friend telling you about nipple confusion?
  • Can't figure out a good schedule to pump for work?
  • Don't know how to prep breastmilk bottles for work?
  • Have no idea how you'll balance work and pumping? 

End your anxiety about going back to work after maternity leave and turn that into confidence! Pumping Professional has you covered. I will show you the step-by-step process of how to make going back to work a smooth transition while you continue to breastfeed your baby!

What's included in Pumping Professional?

  • 20 videos that are between 5-15 minutes each. They are short and easily digestible. 
  • Everything is explained in a way that's relatable and understandable.
  • 26 pages printables: 
  • Pump bag, pump part, and daycare item checklists
  • Pump part replacement schedule 
  • TONS of sample schedules so you can see how other moms with very different jobs and hours get their pumps in.
  • Milk storage guidelines: know how to safely handle your breastmilk!
  • Infant daily log: for daycare or in-home care provider so you can know how your baby is doing while you're working.
  • Paced bottle feeding handout: this explains and shows how a breastfed baby should be fed a bottle. You can give this to anyone that's feeding your baby a bottle so everyone is on board! 
  • 6 really cute door signs for when you're pumping at work and don't want to be disturbed!

Written and compiled by an expert

I am a CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor), IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), and ARNP-BC (Board Certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner). I have pumped for 4 children at work (including twins!) over the past 8 years (60 months of pumping at work!!). 

Stop googling!

You'll save yourself hours and hours of searching through the internet with dodgy advice.
Everything is in one neatly organized area and easily accessible whenever you need it. You can watch at your own pace and all of the printables are incredibly value-packed.


Once again, here is everything you get when you purchase PUMPING PROFESSIONAL:

  • 7 modules with 20 videos demonstrating and walking through everything you need to know: $157 value
  • All back to work checklists: $19 value
  • Sample schedules of pumping at work: $19 value
  • Baby's daily care log: $7 value
  • Milk storage and handling guide: $15 value
  • Pumping door signs: $12 value

$229 value for just $57 today!